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CoIDCompanyTypeStatusStates Served24X7 Phone
BEEBeehive Telephone Co.FacilityAUT | NV435-837-6000
BEGGSBeggs Telephone CompanyFacilityABeggs | OK918-267-9990
BEK52BEK Communications CooperativeCo-Op/Rural ILECAND701-475-1300
BEKINThe Bekin Company (Cancelled)IT/MISCIL708-243-0801
BEL01Belgravia Telecommunications Company, LLC (CANCELLED)VoIPC0702-403-1339
BELATBell Atlantic (Cancelled - See VERIZ)C0617-743-0008
BELIGBellSouth Internet Group (CANCELLED)ICPCLA,MS,AL,GA,FL,SC,NC,TN,KY800-317-3343
BELKNBelkin International Inc - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI | ILECCCA800-773-7911
BELSOAT&T Southeast (Formerly BellSouth)ILECAAL, FL, GA, KY, LA, NC, SC, TN, MS800-553-2811
BELTXCity of BellairePBX/PS911/Shared TenantATX713-668-0487
BEMTown of BelmontPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAMA617-484-1212
BENDTBendTelCLEC Facility | CLEC Reseller | CLEC UNE | VoIP | VoIP ResellerAOR541-389-4020
BERBernard Telephone Company Inc.ILECAIA563-879-3203
BERCTTown of Berlin9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)ACT860-828-7080
BERKBerkshire Telephone CoILECCNY518-758-9941
BERKLBerklee College of Music9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALIAMA617-459-1382
BEVCMBEVCOMM Inc.ILEC VoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAIA | MN | WI507-526-2822
BEVTCBEVCOMM (Cancelled)FacilityCMN507-526-3252
BF911Brooks Fiber (Cancelled - See MCI)FacilityCUSA800-844-1001
BFPDByron Forest Preserve District9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI | PBX/PS911/Shared TenantAIL815-985-4353
BFRCBFS Retail & Commercial Operations - CANCELLEDPBX/PS911/Shared TenantCIL800-773-7911
BGCBluegrass Cellular IncCellularAKY270-352-7000
BGEExelon CorporationPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAMD; BGE company locations only410-470-1200
BGRVBrooke Grove Retirement VillagePBX/PS911/Shared TenantAMD301-924-5176
BGSUBowling Green State UniversityPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAOH43403
BGTCBluegrass Telephone CompanyFacilityCKY270-242-3600
BGTCOBurke's Garden Telephone Company Inc.ILECAVA276-472-2345
BHCWABayer HealthCare (Cancelled)PBXCWA425-245-1245
BHECBangor Hydro-Electric Co.PBXCME207-942-4416
BHFClarity Telecom LLC dba Vast BroadbandCLEC Facility ILEC VoIP ProviderASD6059657737
BHMBrahmaCom, Inc. (Cancelled)FacilityCMA781-433-0333
BHNISCharter Fiberlink DBA Brighthouse NetworksCable DigitalAUSA - Nationwide844-612-9261
BHQBloomingdale Home Telephone Company Inc.ILECAIN765-363-0401
BIFBinFone Telecom LLC (INACTIVE)VoIP, VoIP ResellerCALL800-998-5911
BIIBBiogen Idec Inc.9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALICCA | DC | MA | NC617-679-2040
BIJOUBijou Telephone Co-OpLECAByers & Deertrail | CO303-822-9300
BIRCHBirch Communications9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) CLEC Facility CLEC Reseller CLEC UNE VoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAUSA877-727-2117
BISBonham Independent SchoolPBX/PS911/Shared TenantCTX903-640-9149
BISDBryan ISD9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP Only) | DB Mgmt System ProviderCTX979-224-0237
BISIBusiness Information Solutions Inc.VoIP ProviderAAL | FL | LA | MS2515042556
BITBuggs Island Telephone CooperativeILECAVA434-636-2274
BITCOBitComVoIP ProviderAFL | GA844-246-8647
BIWBath Iron WorksPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAME207-442-2266
BIXBYBixby Telephone Co.TelephoneATulsa Co. | OK918-366-8000
BKSCHThe Berkshire SchoolPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAUSA - Nation Wide412-229-1136
BKSTBrookstone Company Inc.PBX/PS911/Shared TenantANH603 577-8212
BLANCBlanca Telephone Co9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) Co-Op/Rural Wireless/Cellular/PCS VoIP ProviderACO719-206-8109
BLCBen Lomand Communications Inc.IXC | CLEC FacilityATN Cities: McMinnville | Sparta931-668-1000
BLDLMBloomingdale Telephone CompanyCLEC Facility | ILECAMI269-521-7300
BLDWBaldwin TelecomILECAWI715-688-1090