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CoIDCompanyTypeStatusStates Served24X7 Phone
WELLTWellteck ITVoIP ResellerATX432-242-3246
WESWestel Inc. - CANCELLEDCLEC Facility | CLEC Reseller | CLEC UNECTX800-580-5585
WESTWestlink Communications LLC - CANCELLEDWireless/Cellular/PCSCKS800-360-7893
WESTCWest Corporation - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)CNE800-838-8383
WESTLWestel Inc. - CANCELLEDFacilityCTX800-580-5519
WETECWETEC, LLC (CANCELLED-See ACS-ARVIG Communications)FacilityCMN218-346-5500
WETWRWetWork LLC - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) Internet Protocol Relay ProviderCUSA - Nationwide877-532-1082
WEXWEX Inc. - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) PBX/PS911/Shared TenantCUSA - Nationwide801-624-4100
WFCWeb Fire Communications Inc.Facility/ResellerAWichita Falls area | Dallas LATA940-691-7577
WFTWildflower TelecommunicationsCLEC FacilityAKS620-921-5151
WGTWestgate Communication dba WeavTelILECAStehekin | WA509-670-9803
WHB1William W. Backus HospitalILECACT860-892-2707
WHILLWarrior Hill LLCVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide816-396-5433
WHITCWhittier College - CANCELLEDPBX/PS911/Shared TenantCCA562-907-4211
WHLNKWindstreemCLEC Facility | CLEC Reseller | CLEC UNEAMN800-345-4484
WHTWalnut Hill Telephone CompanyFacilityAAR870-921-4211
WHTCSWhite & Case, LLP (CANCELLED)FacilityCALL212-819-8200
WHTELWhidbey TelecomCo-Op/RuralAWA360-321-1199
WHTSTWheat State TechnologiesILECAKS620-782-3341
WIGGIWiggins Telephone Assn.FacilityACO970-483-7343
WIKSTWikstrom Telephone Co Inc.LECAMN218-436-2121
WILCCWilCom IncVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide931-388-8682
WILLMWilliams College9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)AMA413-822-2921
WILTLWilton Telephone Company Inc. (Cancelled)FacilityCNH: Hollis, Wilton603-654-9911
WILUVWillamette University9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)AOR844-232-7228
WINWindstreamCLEC Facility ILEC VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nation Wide800-200-1989 option 3
WIN1Consolidated Communications (fka SureWest TeleViCLEC Facility VoIP ProviderACA916-746-3000
WINCWindstreamCLEC FacilityAUSA - Nationwide800-200-1989 option 3
WINNWinn Telephone Co.ILECAMI989-866-2211
WINNTWinn TelecomCLEC Facility | CLEC Reseller | CLEC UNEAMI866-820-3266
WINSDWinooski School District #17 - CANCELLEDPBX/PS911/Shared TenantCVT802-316-6996
WINTEWIN LLCCLEC FacilityAWI866-206-2027
WINVACity of Winchester9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)AVA540-974-8737
WIPCWest IP CommunicationsInternet Protocol Relay Provider VoIP ProviderAUSA502-315-5150
WIREGWiregrass Telecom Inc.CLEC FacilityAAL888-472-2322
WIRIIWireless II LLC dba Nebraska Wireless (Cancelled- See NECCi)WirelessCNE308-370-0007
WISDWylie Independent School DistrictPBX/PS911/Shared TenantACity of Wylie972-429-3000
WITAWestern Iowa Telephone Association - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) CLEC Facility ILECCIA800-469-0811
WITCWest Iowa Telephone CompanyILECAIA712-261-1056
WITSOWaldner IT Solutions Inc9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) VoIP ResellerAMN | MT | ND | SD605-999-0710
WITTWittenberg Telephone Company (CANCELLED)LECCCentral Wisconsin715-253-2111
WIUWestern Illinois UniversityPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAUSA - Nation Wide309-298-1949
WJHTCUSDOT/FAAPBX/PS911/Shared TenantANJ609-485-5246
WKCWilkes Cellular Inc. CANCELLEDWirelessCGA706-678-9505
WKDSWhizkids TechVoIP ProviderAMN612-454-0401
WKFLDTown of Wakefield9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) PBX/PS911/Shared TenantAUSA - Nationwide781-704-7957
WKRTWest Kentucky Rural TelephoneCLEC Facility ILEC VoIP ProviderAKY | TN270-856-1000
WLDXWildix Inc.9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) PBX/PS911/Shared Tenant VoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide614-484-1546
WLGORW. L. Gore & Associates Inc.PBX/PS911/Shared TenantAUSA - Nation Wide | CA | DE | MD | MT | NJ | PA410-506-0000