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CoIDCompanyTypeStatusStates Served24X7 Phone
AVDNEAdvanced VoIP DataVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide248-313-2300
AVFAvfuel CorporationSIP softphones via 3CX system AUSA - Nationwide313-789-1291
AVHAndroscoggin Valley HospitalPBX/PS911/Shared TenantANH603-723-9605
AVOIPAT&TCLEC Facility VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide888-249-4980
AVRAvaria - CANCELLEDVoIP ResellerCUSA - Nationwide919-559-9693
AVTSAviation Technical Services dialtone by Verizon - CANCELLEDPBX/PS911/Shared TenantCWA425-423-3444
AWCAll West CommunicationsFacilityAUT | WY435-783-4361
AWCCAllied Wireless Communications Corp - CANCELLEDWireless/Cellular/PCSCUSA720-733-5360 NOC
AWEAwesome Communications, Inc. (CANCELLED)ResellerCGA, SC, LA877-231-2881
AWXAltaworxVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide404-902-5668
AX911AccessCom - CANCELLEDCLEC Facility | CLEC UNECLafayette | LA877-204-6024
AXIATAxia Technology Partners - CANCELLEDVoIP ResellerCUSA Nation Wide317-489-5544
AXOAXO Communications LLC - CANCELLEDCLEC FacilityCKY | NY | WV518-320-8720
AXTLApexxTekVoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderALA504-355-1601
AXX91Axxess Networks LLCVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide610-833-9000
AXXESAxxess Healthcare Consult - CANCELLEDPBX/PS911/Shared TenantCUSA - Nation Wide2145757711
AXXSBlue Mountain NetworksCLEC Facility CLEC Reseller VoIP ProviderAWA503-891-7578
AYBAl-Call Inc.FacilityAGA912-632-5911
AZSOALumen/State of Arizona9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) PBX/PS911/Shared TenantAAZ 855-799-8898 opt 3
AZTHAztech Communications - CANCELLEDCLEC FacilityCAZ928-542-0568
AZUSACity of AzusaPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAUSA - Nationwide626-244-8046
BA812Brewster AcademyPBX/PS911/Shared TenantANH603-998-6952
BAA1Barr Tell USA Inc.CLEC Facility | VoIP ProviderAUSA917-549-0100
BABOBabson CollegeVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide781-239-3999
BAC1Bank of America/Merrill Lynch(Inactive)ILECCNY212-236-8992
BACOBaltimore County Government - CANCELLEDILEC | VoIP ProivderCMD410-887-8200
BACRIByrd Institute(Cancelled)PBX/PS911/Shared TenantCFL866-295-9696
BADGECBS Telephone and DataVoIP ProviderATX210-496-9800
BAH01Booz Allen Hamilton - CANCELLEDPBX/PS911/Shared TenantCUSA - Nation Wide800-773-7911
BAIBel Air Internet LLCVoIP ResellerACA818-449-2626
BAKERBaker and Mckenzie - CANCELLEDVoIPCDC703-967-4698
BAMBell Atlantic Mobile (Cancelled)CellularCSouth Central & Western NC; Wetern half of SC; North East co908-306-7123
BANDBandwidthCLEC Facility Database Management System Provider Video Relay Service VoIP Provider VPCAUSA - Nation Wide Virgin Islands855-864-7776
BAND2BandwidthCLEC Facility Database Management System Provider Video Relay Service VoIP Provider VPCAUSA - Nationwide | Virgin Islands866-864-7776
BANDRBandwidthCLEC Facility Database Management System Provider VoIP Provider VPCAUSA - Nationwide866-864-7776
BANTRBanter Inc9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) VoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide972-845-1500
BAREBare Escentuals Inc. - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)CCA614-489-5778
BARRYBarry County Telephone Company - CANCELLEDILECCMI269-491-8700
BARTS.F. Bay Area Rapid Transit - CANCELLEDFacilityCCA888-611-0029
BASCBascom Mutual Telephone CompanyCLEC FacilityAOH419-937-2222
BASDBoyertown Area School District (CANCELLED)PBXCPA610-473-3500
BATESBates College - CANCELLEDPBXCME | Lewiston207-786-6254
BAUThe Baupost Group LLCPBX/PS911/Shared TenantACO | MA866-216-8300
BAYLDBayland Communications - CANCELLEDCLEC UNECWI920-617-7500
BAYRGFirstLight FiberCLEC Facility CLEC Reseller CLEC UNE VoIP ProviderAME | MA | NH607-387-7155
BAYTLBayland Telephone Inc.ILECAWI920-617-7500
BBABurr and Burton AcademyPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAVT802-440-6645
BBBBaldwin Broadband LLC - CANCELLEDCLEC FacilityCWI715-688-1090