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CoIDCompanyTypeStatusStates Served24X7 Phone
00512US Technology Innovations - CANCELLEDVoIP ResellerCUSA - Nationwide512-217-5880
00665Care One Communications LLCVoIP ResellerAUSA - Nationwide305-767-0061
01040Holyoke Medical CenterInternet Protocol Relay ProviderAMA413-534-2500
01063 Billionaires Corp.VoIP ProviderANY929-588-8888
01239University of Michigan Dispatch Services9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)AUSA - Nationwide734-763-1131
01310Invision Technologies LLCVoIP ResellerAUSA - Nationwide229-446-2004
01915Beverly Public Schools9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)AMA978-998-9090
01923Danvers Public Schools9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)AMA978-777-4539 x2259
01935Dublin SchoolPBX/PS911/Shared TenantANH603-563-8584
01985PAconnectVoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide724-838-7526
01SPCSpeedcast Communications9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)AUSA - Nationwide832-668-2775
0222Local Access Services LLCCLEC FacilityACA866-841-7898
03053Town of LondonderryPBX/PS911/Shared TenantANH603-421-1492
03054Town of MerrimackPBX/PS911/Shared TenantANH603-424-3774
0310VoipTec LLCVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide615-349-8753
03544Briskco IncVoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderACA | FL | NY | PA855-812-3505
0388SpectrumVoIP Inc.Video Relay Service VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide972-312-0388
0404Simplefone Inc.PBX/PS911/Shared Tenant | VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide786-970-8352
0412American Express - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) PBX/PS911/Shared TenantCNY800-773-7911
0423BrightRidgeVoIP ProviderATN423-610-6500
0467Smithville Telephone Company IncILECAMS662-256-0851
0510LCB Solutions VoIP ResellerACA | FL | IL323-793-0108
0519VoipiotVoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide917-417-7000
0590Benton Ridge Telephone Company - CANCELLEDILECCOH419-859-2144
0694Chapin Telephone CompanyILECAMI866-233-4411
07353Snohomish County 911 - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)CWA425-407-3930
076JBerkeley Glass & LightCLEC FacilityACA502-672-4971
08053CLOUDSPEAK LLCPBX/PS911/Shared Tenant VoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide888-888-7363
08121ZochNetVoIP ProviderATX877-866-7770
08218StackTech LLCVoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderATX972-251-9762
08536Atlas ConnX Inc.VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide609-955-3043
08852Advantage Voice & Data LLC - CANCELLEDVoIP ResellerCUSA - Nationwide732-438-8888
0907Vertical ComputersVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide909-929-1811
09178Global Technology Solutions LLC - CANCELLEDVoIP ResellerCUSA - Nationwide855-256-6285
0920Niagara Telephone CompanyILECAWI920-617-7500
093County of Siskiyou9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)CA530-842-8355
0964Local Access LLCCLEC FacilityADC | FL | MA | NJ | NY | PA866-841-7898
1009LoopUp LimitedVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide442-300-65185
1020Grafton Telephone CompanyILECAGrafton | IL618-786-3311
10220Colohouse DBA Option9VoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide719-387-0000
10474Methodist Health System - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) VoIP ProviderCTX214-947-8181
105SPARK ServicesVoIP ResellerAUSA - Nationwide918-608-8888
1088Wabash Telephone Cooperative IncILECAIL618-665-3311
10911Carroll County Commissioners9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)AOH330-627-2141
1100Reid HealthPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAIN | OH765-983-3000