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CoIDCompanyTypeStatusStates Served24X7 Phone
ACOMMAccess Communications, LLC (INACTIVE)CLEC Reseller, CLEC UNECFL904-463-6500
ACONAAccoona Global LLCVoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nation Wide682-400-4800
ACPNYAdvantageCare PhysiciansPBX/PS911/Shared TenantANY646-680-1302
ACPSAppomattox County Public SchoolsVoIP ProviderAVA434-664-8984
ACSArvig Communication Systems, Inc. (INACTIVE)LEC, CLECCMN218-346-5500
ACSAKAlaska Communications Systems - CANCELLEDILEC VoIP ProviderCAK907-564-1642
ACSIXspedius Management Company (CANCELLED)FacilityCAL, AR, AZ, CO, DC, FL, GA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MO, MS, NC, NM,800-937-7473
ACTAdvanced Communications Technology Inc.CLEC Facility CLEC Reseller CLEC UNE Co-Op/Rural ILEC VoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAWY307-673-0910
ACTCIAbsaraka Cooperative Telephone Co. Inc. - CANCELLEDILECCND701-896-3404
ACTCOAction Communications Inc.FacilityANE308-632-7836
ACTELActel Integrated Communications, Inc. (Cancelled)ICPCALL877-700-9400
ACTMATown of Acton - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)CMA978-929-7711
ACWAKAlaska Communications Systems - CANCELLEDWireless/Cellular/PCSCAK907-564-1642
ADAMSAdams Telephone Co-operativeCo-Op/Rural ILECAIL217-696-4411
ADAPTAdaptium TechnologyOther - (must identify below) | hosted pbx onlyAUSA - Nation Wide858-206-9111
ADH17New Test9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)USA - Nationwide2026185997
ADIAnalog Devices (INACTIVE)PBXCTwo buildings in Wilmington781-937-2880
ADREMAdrem Technologies9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY) VoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nation Wide801-889-2304
ADSAtlantic Digestive Specialists PLLCPBX/PS911/Shared TenantANH603-692-2228
ADSCAirbus DS Communications Inc.9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)AFL | MD | NC | PA | TX | VA844-291-6988
ADTIAdvanza Telecom Inc. - CANCELLEDCLEC UNE | VOiPCNJ888-423-8269
ADVAdvanced Communications LLCVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide844-418-8647
ADVGAdvantage Cellular Systems - CANCELLEDCarrierCTN615-464-2355
ADVNTAdvanced Networking Inc.Other | Interconnect providing in-house hosted servicesAUSA - Nationwide302-792-9200
ADVTLAdvanced TelephoneCLECALA225-621-4288
AECIArrowhead Electric Cooperative IncCLEC Facility Co-Op/RuralAMN218-663-7239
AEGONAegon USA / TransamericaPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAAK | CA | CO | DC | FL | GA | IL | IA | KY | MD | MI | MN | NJ | NY | NC | OH | PA | TX | VA319-355-4357
AENCOAeneas CommunicationsCLEC Facility CLEC Reseller CLEC UNE VoIP Reseller VoIP ProviderATN731-554-3389
AERLAerial Communications (Out of Business)WirelessCUSA206-663-7927
AEROThe Aerospace CorporationPBXAAL | CA | CO | MD | NE | NM | VA310-336-7000
AESAuburn Essential ServicesCLEC FacilityAIN260-333-0200
AFFTSAffiliated Technology Solutions LLCPBX/PS911/Shared Tenant VoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide908-565-4280
AFMTCAyrshire Farmers Mutual Telephone Co (Cancelled)LECCAyrshire & Gillett Grove Iowa712-426-2800
AFNIAmerican Fiber Network Inc. - CANCELLEDUNE-P | ResCMO | KS | UT800-864-0583
AFNTYAffinity VoIP Telecom Inc. - CANCELLEDResellerCAll503-564-4611
AFTELAffordable Telecom (Fitch) (Cancelled)Wireless/Cellluar/PCSCTX361-600-1401
AGCOMAgility Communications and Technology Services CompanyVoIP ProviderAUSA - Nationwide217-391-9290
AGISTAirnet Group Inc - CANCELLEDVoIP ResellerCUSA423-664-7678
AGLNTAgilent Technologies - CANCELLEDPBX/PS911/Shared TenantCCA866-787-3937
AGORAWall Street Daily - CANCELLEDPBX/PS911/Shared TenantCFL | MD410-864-1677
AGRAmericas Gardening Resource dba Gardener's Supply CoPBX/PS911/Shared TenantANH | VT802 316-6136
AGTELAlhambra-Grantfork Telephone CompanyILECAIL - Alhambra Village | Grantfork Village618-488-2165
AGWAirgate Wireless, Inc. (Out of Business)WirelessCSC, NC, GA888-859-1400
AHCAllan Hancock CollegeCLEC ResellerACA805-346-1007
AHFCastleberry Telephone Co Inc.ILECAAL251-966-2118
AHLMHAhlstrom-Munksjo Filtration LLCPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAPA717-385-6843
AHLTVAhlstrom Filtration LLCPBX/PS911/Shared TenantAIL217-827-1418
AHORGAdventist Health - CANCELLEDPBX/PS911/Shared TenantCCA | HI | OR | WA707-277-1143
AHOSPAlbemarle Hospital - CANCELLEDPBXCNC252-335-0531
AHS01Atlantic Health System - CANCELLED9-1-1 Admin-CPE ALI (9-1-1 Jurisdiction/PSAP ONLY)CNJ201-230-5712